Monday, January 15, 2007

the last day

hey kate, sorry i couldn't make it for the mock funeral. today and tomorrow will be full of thought as it is.

The photo is my dad...he was washing dishes with Daniel out at the well, because the running water ran out. This was the teachers Christmas dinner at the camp, 2006. Daniel will be taking over camp operations, and many other things, now that my parents are leaving. He's just one of the people, who will be taking on the many jobs and responsibilities that have undergone delegation. Daniel, Rolando, Franklin, Amaryllis, Janna, Alex, Freddy, Panchita, Dale, Willian, Ruth, Sandra, and Nikki, soon. Just names to you, perhaps, but after 14 years, this is what has been constructed. People, a network, part of the greater network perhaps. We're hoping that all works together for a purpose, now that things have been stitched together to account for us leaving.

I pray for these people that remain. I pray for safe travels tomorrow for my family. I pray for us, my sister and I, that this means something deep right now and that it leads to something real.


Christiane said...

Humm...although I know I can't understand the full depth of significance that this time has, I pray those same things for you and your family.

Christiane :)

Polythene Pam said...

I love those names. I'm so excited for what the Lord will do, and trying very hard not to be scared but to trust in him. I have been praying for you all every day for weeks now.
My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my Lord can not do.
I wish Daniel could have come to Capernwray with us... can you imagine? He's going to do great!

The Bruce said...

dude, that is intense... i'll certainly keep praying. man i love that list... those i know... anyway, hope you're well in NB, i noticed on Katie's blog that you might come visit. give me a call if you need a ride from the train station or whatever, i'd love to see you. peace.

oh yeah, 902-209-8897

katie said...

There's a train station?? rock on! I guess I should have thought of that earlier...seeing as how I live right near the train tracks and everything, too.
I guess you could use my bed. I don't mind huddling on the floor all night long with nothing to keep me warm but a few towels. Unless...I could sleep in the bathroom. The heating is pretty good there. You're screwed if you need to use it in the middle of the night, though. I ain't getting up. It'll be fun. I hope you don't mind that I still haven't turned my heat on. At this point, it's become a "let's see if I can make it through the winter so I can laugh at the puny weakling canadians because I made it through the worst of their weather without artificial help" sort of thing.
pero bueno, basta. ya escribi EL testamento. Aw, I'm still a colegio americano snob. It's a nice thing to know.

Polythene Pam said...

I remember you mentioning that. It would be INCREDIBLY. North America NEEDS at least a taste of Daniel. Goodness, it doesn't know what it's missing without him! So much! (hehe, I wonder how well he can understand all this gushing in english...)

I have to throw in a comment cuz I noticed yours on megan's blog - I personally cannot give you a positive response to night at the museum. I firmly agreed with a critic I read before going who I HOPED I'd disagree with who said something like "an all star cast and a few funny lines did little to cover over a thin (almost non-existent) plot line and generally bad writing." kind of harsh I know but... yeah... if you enjoy it, more power to you! but maybe i'd wait till video. unless you already saw it and liked it in which case... more power to you! (bet it's kind of shocking to spend $10 on a movie instead of $3).
love you and thinking of you!

m.melissa.h said...

thanks for the birthday message! i had a great day. Crazy i could not imagine leaving a place after 14 years ...i'll be praying for you and your fam!

Mom said...

I always liked reading your dad's updates on what was happening around put things into perspective. And now I realize you have his gift. I enjoyed reading it...with better perspective than my own. Love Mom