Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Note to J

J: i think your email got sent to my junkmail and deleted...sorry... :P i use mostly

Monday, August 29, 2005 Ha! Victory. And I didn't even use what Janice called "strong suggestions" But, one question, how come no one told me about the new birth? I had to find it on Kaylie's links...which are double spaced.
i'm feeling very inadequate these case you couldn't tell from my previous publishing...i feel priorities slipping that shouldn't be, work that should get done being put asie...i don't know what is wrong with me. i don't know where time goes sometimes. sometimes, i wish i could vacuum clean my brain...complete all the mini-tasks that i have sitting up there on post-it notes waiting to be dealt with and removed from my mind. its mom's birthday tomorrow. i hate birthdays. you can never do enough to show a person how much you appreciate them, but you are expected to try, and also schedule it into a specific forced.

i wish... i were better at... keeping in touch keeping on top of work keeping things clean writing being a friend being a God seeker knowing people not wanting stuff

Monday, August 22, 2005

Top Ten

Top Ten things that have caused me the most sleep deprivation in my lifetime 10. Stress-inducing deadlines 9. Humidity 8. Manic roosters with no internal clock 7. Good Books 6. Mosquitos 5. No leg room 4. Loud Salsa Music 3. Midnight inspirations 2. Heat 1. Seatbelts

Thursday, August 18, 2005

public request

Jonathan Wilcoxson if you ever read this, know that i think you are one kid who really needs a blog. from, me

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

the beach itself was isn't beach season... i ran into three friends from high school...i haven't seen them for three years...they were suprised i hadn't been to an all night party on saturday night, am living in a slum, and have had no boyfriend since we parted ways, they concluded i have no life. i was surprised to see that they haven't changed at all since we were 16, with drinking and parties and hot boys every weekend, and can only come to the same conclusion about them that they came to about me.  Posted by Picasa

One of my favourite places in the country...a surfers village populated by harmless potheads, vegetarian restaurants and bamboo palaces. And of course, the surfers.  Posted by Picasa

Monta�ita. Posted by Picasa

see below caption  Posted by Picasa

Pictures from the weekend. Ben told me its pretty obvious I don't like pictures of myself because I have hardly any on my blog, and that may be so, but I don't want it to be obvious, so here is one with my two siblings. My two younger siblings, mind you...please disregard all heights as they are misleading.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

the internet is bad for me because i read blogs and it makes me miss people and then i can't think about the present anymore and post the things i went on to the internet to post. its a very defeatist excercise but i guess i'm just a slow learner. so....let me think....i did have something to say that was important and all...crappety. as my dad would say, i guess it wasn't THAT important. i'm at the pacific ocean today and will be in the andes mountains on saturday and maybe colombia on sunday. its not as exciting as it sounds, i'm with my parents. i wish i were a more interesting person and then all you capernwray people would come visit me and live in my backyard.
i'm at the BEACH i'm posting photos TOMORROW i feel like such a dweeb today.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"my dad went to canada and brought me some penguin bars back. i sucked some tea up through one of them and bit into it and it tasted like home. " Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up?

Friday, August 05, 2005

I got up at 6 am today..I usually do, the sun rises at 6 and I like being up with the sun. I also like the quietness of the neighbourhood at that time...and usually I start working at 7:50 anyways, so its nice to have alot of time to get ready and get there early. So I was up at 6. I really had to go to the bathroom so I did. Then...I don't know what happened, but next thing I was climbing out of bed at 9 o'clock...feeling really stupid for falling back asleep...I had NO lesson plan for my class at 10:35 (being a kindergarten English teacher sounds easy...but its not! Every half an hour class demands a couple hours of preparation...and who knows how many hours thinking, trying to come up with a good idea...a NEW way to teach "six!"...different from the creative NEW way you came up with to teach "five!"...the pressure of being interesting) And then Armando came by for a weird visit, which lasted half an hour, and accomplished nothing, except settign me even farther behind. So I got to school, and there was no water, which just threw me idea of using paint today with the klids RIGHT out the, after losing my lesson plan which i had no time to prepare for anyways, having to come up with a new lesson plan on the spot AND prepare it...i just resigned to having a crappy lesson with the kids. And it was. But it was only 30 minutes of hell. I survived.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sorry to everyone who is mad I didn't tell them I have a blog...I'm generally shy about shameless self-promotion...and really, it wouldn't take you guys to long to read from the beginning up until now, because it's only just been started...and it's mostly short. So, I AM sorry, but not too sorry, because you honestly haven't missed much, and I feel happy you found it on yourselves and are livid you didn't know about it before, because it does much more for my self esteem than if i had told everyone about it and only 4 or 5 actually cared. Edit: I'm such a hypocrite, I just emailed Heidi to come see my blog. But only because all of a sudden people think they mised out on something by not reading posts when they were actually published. Gosh, this is so nervewracking, I now have an audience. Before, I was just typing into the emptyness of cyberspace. Hi everybody.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I SAW Chelsea. Didn't get any pictures of her. Sorry :S I also visited my best friends who are going to Bible School in Quito, that was so good. It was a good weekend. I travelled with Angela, Janna and Armando (another friend). Its the first time I've been with them all together, with Armando, Angela, Janna, Raúl, Iván, Carlos and Daniel, since last April. We were only missing Alex and the whole group would have been complete. I'm happy. I miss them, though.
It was Iván's (in the red) birthday yesterday, so we all woke up at 5 am, and had a cake for him. mostly the fun part about having a cake at 5 am is smushing the birthday boy's face into it, one of my favourite bizarre ecuadorian traditions. and we sure got him good...too bad he had already cleaned up for this photo.Posted by Picasa
Raúl, Janna and Daniel at Parque Carolina. Janna, i.e. roomate número dos. Posted by Picasa

this is Angela with one of the puppies at the was a gorgeous day, for pictures, but taking pictures of people who hate having pictures taken of them tend to ruin moments, so i enjoyed most of the gorgeous day just hanging out.  Posted by Picasa