Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"my dad went to canada and brought me some penguin bars back. i sucked some tea up through one of them and bit into it and it tasted like home. " Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up?


Liana said...

ahhh... the penguin addiction continues. i did the same thing last week. paid $4 for the effing things, but it was worth it. :-)

i miss you as always. be good, hug a monkey for me.


~tiff~ said...

so yeah, i get home, and find out they have penguins here...kinda sux, everyone else can have them now...not so special, but i guess its good too whatever. so! how are you doing, (its tiffany heidebrecht) i miss capernwray, and you the wonderful ecuadorian soccer/football player.