Friday, December 30, 2005

life on the move. i've been carrying my toothbrush in my shoulder bag for the past week...along with the other essentials in my life: my keys to the school (where I have parked my clothes) and the ever present small change (for buses and/or 10 cent ice cream). I'm loving my loner holidays. Also, I have this big hunk of peace sitting in my chest.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

i'm going to the beach tomorrow, will be basking in the sun for 5 days, and back to posting again on the 28th. have a good gift unwrapping session, everyone, and dont just say thank you to the sky because you're told to. my sister is in canada this holiday. poor sucka, little ecuadorian warmblood freezing in the bitter chill of a family-less christmas. im going to go to bed to sleep restlessly. i saw someone i really love today. i ate something i really enjoyed.i made something i'm really pleased with. i hope all your christmases are filled with this and more. see jesus. be jesus. just like everyday of your life.


by banksy

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

is it true, that our achivements may make us interesting, but our darkness makes us lovable?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

homeless for the holidays

oh man. my room is so spic and span...i cant remember it ever being this clean...because jannas parents are moving into it soon, and that gives me refugee status until january 5 ah, the holidays. christmas sucks but new years is awesome. I was reading an old letter that my grampa sent me, during my first week at Capernwray, and it was about times when he was in a new place, feeling uncertain of his surroundings...Senegal, Grenada, Victoria...and what he did. It made me...feel. Reading it. I dont know why I've kept it this long, it was just a printed email. But as I read it... Is it possible to feel homesick for homelessness?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


an elderly englishmans heavily accented spanish worship a request from a friend you thought was serious ends up being grammar related, but still, he asked for help. a young child when asked where his brother has been for the past week he missed schoool says: "They operated on his nut" (huevo) all these flickering impressions. like douglas coupland moments.

Monday, December 12, 2005

i cant write. im ok, but i cant remember what normal feels like
Jonny boy now has a blog :) :) :)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

do you remember the first time you saw the sky?

Friday, December 09, 2005

have you ever felt like you are changing into a person that your friends wouldn't recognize?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why did the lobster blush?

Just got back from the airport. Picked up my Uncle Paul. I havent seen him since he dropped me off at Heathrow in April. He used the word "chooseday" in reference to the day that comes after monday and before wednesday. And then he broke out the Penguins. Heaven.

Monday, December 05, 2005


sheesh last night i couldn't sleep i was so pumped. today i am so exhausted because i didn't rest well, so the pumped feeling is wearing off. last night was...i still dont know what to call it. We called it "Night in the Park" on the choice...and some of my friends thought that was lame, but i liked the simplicity. we built a 3mx3m stage out of plywood, strung a bed sheet between the streetlight and a bamboo pole, and set up a sound and light system that seemed to be held together by masking tape and safety pins...and had ourselves a show in the park. The night before I was up until 12, pounding the streets in the slum, handing out the flyers to winos, families, football players at the field, kids, shopkeepers, and everyone in between. "Night in the Park. 7 pm in the park next to the catholic church. Music, videos and drama. Who is Jesus and what does he have to do with anything...etc" It was NEAT. Neat to watch everybody rally around the project. Neat to see church teens excited to be in a drama in front of all their neighbourhood peers...and do a wonderful job, too: they presented a tight show about one persons search for meaning. there was humour and a clear message. The park we did it in is on the main dirt road that leads out of the slum onto the highway were all the buses go by, so everybody on the hill has to walk past it to get to school/work. It was quite the mixed audience. ALSO, its the hub for the local chapter of the Rebel People gang...thats scary to people who don't live in Bastion, but i know alot of them by name or by reputation by now, and they dont really bother me, they know me, too. (the night before, we had a gang-related disturbance at youth group, a group of 12 New People gang members had come to the meeting, and kids from the Rebel People gang who usually come to the meeting weren't too thrilled about the "turf invasion"...threats were made, challenges issued, and my dad had to drive the New People kids back to their neighbourhood after the meeting, because if they had walked, they would have been beat up a block away.) The drama was great...the concert bit was the weakest, but it hardly mattered. we'll get the sound box right next time. we worked like a team. I was on the projector and DVD machine...stressed, but there were no glitches. Except when the extension cord everything was connected to short the middle of a song...the church members who were scattered throughout the crowd just started singing the song really really loud, as the band continued, "a la unplugged", and wonder-man Alex scrambled over the wall and into the nearby school we were borrowing power was sorted out in two minutes, i think, and things went on like normal. This is Ecuador. Something like that is anticipated for, if not expected. Ah. Anyways. I'm riding on a high. I hope we do this again, maybe at the Cancha Amarilla, maybe in Block 10, who knows. My favourite part I think was seeing the different "generations" of youth in the church (the oldest one=my vintage...the "buenos muchachos", mostly in high school or first year U, and the "newbies"...12 to 15 year olds), and the older folk too, take ownership over different aspects of it...the set up, the music, the sounds and lights, the advertising, the clean-up...but work together at the same time...and feel good after it was over, because it was such a success, and it was all theirs. All theirs! i got invited to someones house for lunch today, i just hope its vegetarian.