Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why did the lobster blush?

Just got back from the airport. Picked up my Uncle Paul. I havent seen him since he dropped me off at Heathrow in April. He used the word "chooseday" in reference to the day that comes after monday and before wednesday. And then he broke out the Penguins. Heaven.


m.melissa.h said...

Why did the Lobster blush!? DANG IT I can't remeber but Bethany, we totally had that one in the sound booth the time everyone could here us laughing! it was all Rob's fault.

° ÐãVeØ ° said...

Because the sea weed!
Thas funny! Cos like, 'seaweed' grows in the same general area as lobsters, and is therefore the two are closely connotated, and if the sea did a wee, it would totally embarrass the lobster if he saw it! Brilliant!

Wait. The lobster is surrounded by the sea, therefore, covered in the sea's urine. And therefore, perhaps the real question should be, "Why did the lobster gag?" or "Why did the lobster get food poisoning?"

Oh, I didn't get to send the penguins to your uncle. I figured he'd bring them and I thougt I'd send them some other time.
Oh, here's a random finding about Penguin bars for you. (This is my own finding, so it's not necessarily accurate)... Anyways, I discovered, that after vigorous exercise, pengiuns are harder to melt than other chocolate bars when placed on the forehead. Why is that? Theoretically the results should have averaged out, but they never did.
"Yes, quite."

Schrecky said...

wow... I still have a couple penguins that I brought back from spring school. They are worth more than, well, alot.