Thursday, December 22, 2005

i'm going to the beach tomorrow, will be basking in the sun for 5 days, and back to posting again on the 28th. have a good gift unwrapping session, everyone, and dont just say thank you to the sky because you're told to. my sister is in canada this holiday. poor sucka, little ecuadorian warmblood freezing in the bitter chill of a family-less christmas. im going to go to bed to sleep restlessly. i saw someone i really love today. i ate something i really enjoyed.i made something i'm really pleased with. i hope all your christmases are filled with this and more. see jesus. be jesus. just like everyday of your life.


Polythene Pam said...

you're beautiful Bethany Horne. I love you forever and always.
with sincerity and sappiness,

Jonathan said...

You not having Christmas at home then horne (pronounced hor-ny)?
I wish you a happy Christmas anyway and hope you enjoy all the basking you'll be doing in sunshine.i'll be basking in the cold and win

Leslie said...

Hey kid. Blog tag-- YOU'RE IT!

Post 5 of your weirdest habits..

you may have already been tagged. suck itup. post again.