Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sorry to everyone who is mad I didn't tell them I have a blog...I'm generally shy about shameless self-promotion...and really, it wouldn't take you guys to long to read from the beginning up until now, because it's only just been started...and it's mostly short. So, I AM sorry, but not too sorry, because you honestly haven't missed much, and I feel happy you found it on yourselves and are livid you didn't know about it before, because it does much more for my self esteem than if i had told everyone about it and only 4 or 5 actually cared. Edit: I'm such a hypocrite, I just emailed Heidi to come see my blog. But only because all of a sudden people think they mised out on something by not reading posts when they were actually published. Gosh, this is so nervewracking, I now have an audience. Before, I was just typing into the emptyness of cyberspace. Hi everybody.

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Janice said...

hi cutie. love!!