Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I truly do believe that if people stopped themselves more often, and decided over and over again, as many times as they needed to, to honestly go about being themselves to the best of their abilities, that this world would be a more compassionate place. Maybe this is naïve. Maybe my battles with humanity should be aimed at getting people to be better, to strive for some ideal, maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with us we need to correct. I might be more successful reminding people to act more lovingly, more responsibly, with more solidarity or courage. I don't think that the fact that we lack these things is because we don't have them, I think we aren't true to them. I prefer to make war against ignorance. Self-ignorance, and voluntary ignorance. The worst crime is mediocrity. The worst failure is fake.
I have been reading Plato, Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest), Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) and Jorge Luis Borges, listening to Josh Ritter, "Bob Dylan", Vico C, Cat Stevens and Stars, in case anyone wishes to attempt a trace of why I am thinking about this right now.


heidi said...

i want you (firstly--amen. i love you)--to listen to schooly d & know that i sell him groceries.

Polythene Pam said...

You're reading Oscar Wilde and having confidence in the inherent goodness of humans? I mean... the Cat Stevens bit, sure...
Just kidding. I'm glad you are surrounded by things to inspire your beautiful mind. I hope the bible's getting it's say in there con relative frequencia as well.