Wednesday, January 03, 2007

from Bishop Lancelot Andrews:

Blot out the number of my crimes, renew the multitude of thy tender mercies. However unclean, Thou canst cleanse me; however blind, Thou canst enlighten me; however weak, Thou canst restore me; yea,though dead, Thou canst raise me. I commend to thee,O Lord, my soul,and my body,my mind,and my thoughts, my prayers,and my vows,my senses, and my members, my words and my works, my life and my death. I commend to Thee, O Lord,my impulses,my resolves,and my attempts, my going out and my coming in,my sitting down, and my rising up. Grant to me light sleep, rid me of all imaginations freshly and satanical.Yea, O Lord, nor let me in my dreams imagine things that will anger thee, or defile me. Visit me with your own visitation, reveal to me wisdom in the visions of the night. O Father of mercy, despise not an unclean worn such as I. O Lord look on me with those same eyes wherewith Thine did look on Mary Magdalene in the banquet, Peter in the hall, and the thief on the cross. So that I may confess with the thief, weep with Peter, and love as Mary Magdalene loved you.

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