Sunday, January 14, 2007

electric blues

Garrett Mason show last night (winner of the 2005 Juno for Blues Album).It is quite the experience, I would recommend it to anyone. I went with Chelsey and Clayton and all my new friends, through the freezing freezing night to an out-of-town biker-bar-type joint called George's Roadhouse. Yes, they do still exist. The crowd was the most non-university age group of people I have seen since I went to the Anglican church.

Lots of white people trying to dance. The music was electric blues...and by electric, I mean it was a current that went through you and got your feet was Chuck Berry, it was 50's, 60's and it was new, it was GOOD. It was filled with innovation. His fingers could bring anything out of a guitar...they were all over the place, they were active. It was a very enjoyable show.


The oil in our furnace ran out. We haven't had heat for 24 hours. We're baking cookies and sitting with laptops on our laps, in ponchos and blankets, doing anything we can think of to bump the temperatures. Toes are pretty frozen. The Mac trackpad doesn't work if I'm wearing mittens...damn.


Saw my future fold out before me. dreamt of darkness, felt for roads leading out. got bogged down in technocrap. moved on.


heidi said...

sweet tribal on dude's guitar! i'd like to think he has a matching one on his lower back. but if not, that's really going to harsh my mellow

Kent said...


When I read this at the end of your post:

got bogged down in technocrap. moved on.

I praised God because it gives me hope.

Sounds like you are having a small real life encounter with how important oil is :-)