Sunday, October 09, 2005

the wall

the walls of my house are white. sometimes, i want to fill them the infuriating part is, i could fill them. i'm allowed to. so far, i've only filled a square foot of it. my friend carlos filled a space twenty times that big. my friend armando said he was going to do some graffitti too, sometime. but if i had paint, and time, what would i fill it with? rain and black and white patterns and faces...words, words, words...which words? any words. all the words you could fancy. landscapes and colours...lots of colours...i want proof that people in the world can still love (i found a love note on the street the other day. a stranger loves a stranger. how breathtaking! do you ever look into other cars on the highway and wonder where those people are headed, and what they are talking about, and what their relationship is to each other?) anyone who wants to can come fill a wall in my house. there are lots of them. at least 11.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love you.
i will help you fill your walls.