Sunday, October 30, 2005

i love it when the phantoms of rain linger in the environment, the damp, the humidity, all just suggestions. the freshness, the newness of it all. it smells of life. more of a buried feeling than a sensation, i guess. reminds me of more images than really have even entered through my eyes…upturned earth, moss (when is the last time i saw moss in guayaquil?), birds and rainbows... the rainy season wakes up every morning to this…the days swelter and burn, fester and sweat away, but the mornings are always new…un-disturbed puddles, beadlets on cars windshields, blank white skies. it’s all waiting for me to breathe it in. i ain’t scared of phantoms of rain. a bird couple built a nest in my windowsill a couple weeks ago. I never caught sight of the eggs, but today was the hatching. ugly little things, aren’t they? the new life that greets me every time i move the curtain aside makes my heart light.

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