Saturday, October 22, 2005

i ate your cookie today, megan. sorry, i couldn't think of how to mail it. and josh and daveo, if you visit me, i will PERSONALLY take you to a clasico del astillero, i promise. i probably wont wear blue, though. i've decided that was probably pushing it. ---------------------------- mercy and i were alone today to lead kids club, all our other helpers left on seperate little, when confronted with an hour in front of a group of forty 3-10 year olds, we acquiesed veggie tales. i noticed a little girl...she was way too young for kids club, she was so tiny... she was wearing her older sisters hand-me down dress and it didn't fit her right, and the zipper at the back had been left open. there were two uge of them reached from her shoulder to the middle of her back, the other one was almost parralel, a littel lower down...glue and green and even scabed over in places, where the skin broke. this tiny creature. i asked her cousins, the only explanation "her mom hit her"..."she dropped something"...i couldn't even get the girl to talk, i don't know if se CAN, and yet she committed a crime worthy of such a beating. and i want to do so much more than hold my open hands up to heaven and ask questions.


° ÐãVeØ ° said...

That is so unbelievably sad.
Is there anything you can do legally?
In England I think it is a crime not to report and suspicious marks.
Man, that made me real sad.
Hope you're doing well Bethany.

Béthany said...

there not much i can do legally, no. Ecuador...definitely not the UK, thats for sure.

m.melissa.h said...

wow, that's harsh hey. she's just a kid, not that anyone is deservant of being beat but c'mon.

ps. thanks for the cookie! i hope you enjoyed it