Wednesday, October 05, 2005

scrap metal from ecuador

went to eat at one of my students houses today (Jorge) fish soup and fish on rice with some beans..menestra. menestra is my favourite. after the meal, his mom showed me pictures, of her eldest son who was killed at the age of 20, of Jorge when he was younger (he is hydrocephalic)...of their relatives in the country... during the meal, the dad interrogated me on canada ("how many people live there" "do they have fish in canada?" does it rain in canada?" "do they have rivers in canada?") and, randomly, china ("is it true they are building a hydroelectric plant there for the whole world?" "they don't grow crops in china, right? they just have soil on their roofs to grow cucumbers")...all very amusing. the kind of conversation where you wish you had your best friend there so you could catch their eye and make them giggle. so, i guess he was talking about that three river dam, but, i definitely don't think it will power the whole world, and i also don't think they are building it out of scrap metal from ecuador. i could be wrong.


Janice said...

all i have to say about that is...that is freakin hilarious.

m.melissa.h said...

i wish i were there to giggle with you...i like to giggle and i like you.