Sunday, October 08, 2006

yeah Pam, i meant she's derechista...i get my directions mixed up sometimes. shoulders a bit sunburnt today. hot season is on its way! mango and ciruela street vendors re-appearing. the return of the orange sunsets and the early rising moon. I love this season! learnt some more about people today. i can't remember what it was. learnt some more about myself, it wasn't flattering so i wont blog it. first sunday in months that i wont see the guys for the meeting. a bit lonely that way.


Polythene Pam said...

Aw, that is kind of sad. But knowing you I'll bet you'll go in and hang out with them anyway.

That makes more sense that she's derechista.

Yeah, it is confusing. Charis and Karis are the same name (pronounced Kareese), just spelled differently. We call them the Karises, neither of them had met another Karis before, and now they're good friends. And then there's Kirsten that is just like Kristen excxept the R comes after the I. So it's not Kiersten, it's Kirrrsten. And then there's Kristen. And I'm usually trying so hard to remember to say Kirsten and not Kristen that I call Kristen Kirsten. And then there are 3 stephanies and 3 megans.
To quote Rufus Wainwright, Oh what a world we live in.

katie said...

mangos and, i don't even have to imagine them...i just have to hear the words and the salivation begins.

katie said...

bueno, si quieres hacemos eso. pero te advierto que mi acento me suena raro cuando estoy en canada. no se si me lo imagino nomas o si de verdad cambia. quien sabe. ha de ser la falta de deshidratacion.
vas a ver que cuando llegues a canada cada vez que algo te suene a espanol vas a detenerte y buscar a la persona que pensaste que era latina...y probablemente va a ser arabe o algo igualmente decepcionante. ahora tambien lo hago con los chinos, pensando que hablan japones...que manera.
lo que no me gusta es cuando tienen nuevas palabras cuando llego a ecuador. como slang.
que te parece esta bobada de la mudanza de los padres?

brent potter said...

did your sister love japan?