Thursday, October 05, 2006

Politica Ecuatoriana

Si ví el debate, Daniel, así que no me vengas con tus achaques de que no veo televisión. Ecuadorian Presidential Elections: October 15 Candidate summaries: CORREA: Frontrunner clown, loud-mouthed energetic baboon with milions of mystery campaign contributions and grandiose promises. Sounds real smooth, ranting against the traditional parties that hold historical power in the country...I don't trust him! SERÍA UN DESASTRE, POR MÁS BONITAS QUE SUENAN SUS DISCURSOS...verdad es que escuchando sus posturas políticas concuerdo en algunas, pero creo que es un charlatán y no confío en él para nada...NO THANK YOU. NOBOA: Me mato si este pendejo gana. But I don't think he will win. Extreme right wing, said he'd sign the FTA (TLC) with USA without polling...(because it would be voted down)...he's so slimy you could squeeze him though the eye of a needle...and he'd need to get through one anyways, to get into heaven, the camel-headed twit. He LOOKS like a drunk uncle, but is the richest person in the country, own all the bananas. Despite how many votes he's tried to buy with all the campaign hand-outs (a campaign that has lasted 12 years because everytime there is an election he runs, and hasn't won yet), nobody's fooled. VITERI: Me cae mal porque es izquierdista...during the debate today, too much store set by economics, too much selling-out to America. She spent half of her time cutting down Correa...he's trying to look like the extreme left candidate, appealing to the popularity of that position in the continent currently...and the other half tip-toeing around the quesitons. I forget everythig she said, except she liked the TLC and Plan Colombia...ugh. ROLDOS: I like him. He's not an orator, that's for sure, but he has experience and he places importance on education and health-care. He wont sign the FTA (TLC) without many negotiations...and his brother was the best president this past century...though that may mean nothing to many of you. ¿Tu que dices, Daniel? ¿Todavía con Viteri? Yo digo, cualquiera menos NOBOA. Y Correa se larga a Panama después de 6 meses de electo, con 10 millones, vas a ver.


katie said...

thanks, dude, this was really useful, since no one else tells me what the heck is going on down there.
also, yeah, wouldn't the homeless thing rock? did dad tell you what i told him about how i was going to propose we pretend to be homeless for a while? there's this one homeless guy i see all the time, his face is all tattooed.i find it endlessly fascinating. of course, one wonders, since tattoos are expensive...and it's on his FACE...which is all the more reason to get in there...find out stuff. like, i asked amy how people get homeless in canada, and she was like "drugs, of course"...but that can't be the only reason, right?

Polythene Pam said...

I love your regular postings!
I love how you switched between spanish and english on that one.

You said you didn't like the lady because she's leftist didn't you? Aren't you like as leftist as Christians come? Well not AS but up there, eh? Maybe it means something different in the South...

Anonymous said...

Bueno, cualquiera que me prometa que va ayudar al loco a volver:p, hahah no.
Creo, que Cinthya o Roldos.
Aunque para la gente pobre como la mayoria de los que vivimos en Bastion Correa es lo maximo, no para mi, la razon es simple, Correa ha estado diciendo lo que pueblo quiere,¡¡¡¡ Voy a disolver el congreso¡¡¡¡¡¡todo el mundo odia el congreso, por eso yo creo que el ews un finalista para mi desgracia.