Thursday, October 26, 2006

a full week

i think Janna is going to kick me out soon. the guys come over every day, and the drop-in-quality of our home is a bit wearying at times. i get energies for it all from somewhere other. the numerous games of checkers have begun to affect my brain, replaying games in my head, devising strategies. my heart beats in reggaeton rhythms. most treasured to me are the moments of private conversation with individuals, still, though hosting large groups is more common and has its attractiveness. After two bad weeks for Gerald, this one was better, with him talking about his parents desires to get him into a Rehab centre ("Internar" was the verb he used..."commited" into an institution)...after which i told him about the stuff I have been trying to look into over the past weeks, Teen Challenge in Quito and similar Christian centre's in Guayaquil...I was glad I had at least some of that information ready to give to him once the subject came up. And Gabriel has been another encouragement this week. He is different from the other guys.


Polythene Pam said...

Wow, the life I live now is so different than the life I lived this summer. I like it here a lot, but I do miss it there, even if I couldn't talk to the boys very well. I miss going running with Alexis and Titi and sitting in the hammock talking to Daniel. I miss going through the emotions with you (when you'd let me) when the guys were doing good or doing bad. I am so proud of you Bethany and so thankful that the Lord has put you where you are right now. He is doing and will continue to do incredible things through you. Go God!

Kent said...

It took a lot of alcohol and drug abuse to humble me to the point where the AA and NA idea of a higher power made any sense to me.
Until then, whether I admitted it or not I was the highest power I would acknowledge.

Someday maybe I can read your Spanish blog. Es muy dificil con mi poquito de Espanol. Mi escuela de Espanol es "La Roca", un tacqueria en Philomath. Y la profesora es mi latino amigos en HP. But I still stink at Spanish.

Janna said...

i will never, ever kick you out.