Monday, October 02, 2006

the guys bible study was cancelled yesterday...its a big deal to me, because they are a big deal to me, and i understand the reason why the group was cancelled, but i am still sad sad sad...i wish no...pray that the boys know in their hearts that we are still committed to seeing them quit drugs, alcohol, violence and other destructive behaviour...that we DO believe they can change...but not as a group...they need to now individually decide to do so. maybe separate. they need to step out alone. i thought it was a good meeting, a good last meeting, except for the looks of defeat i saw on some of their faces, and hearing them afterwards....they have given up on themselves. they need to come around to see we have not given up on them, and they should not give up on themselves. they need to come around to many htings.


farfromhome said...
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Anonymous said...

oh Bethany...I miss you.
And.... I wish hugs could make everything good and right.

Polythene Pam said...

I wrote a really long comment in response to that. But it didn't post and now I'm to tired to recreate it. but basically I'm sorry that you had to end it, but it sounds like it's for the best. I know how you care about those guys and I know how that must hurt to care, because it hurts me and I know I don't care nearly as much as you do since I don't have nearly the same level or length of relationships or involvement with them. God will work out his plan in each of their lives I know. it sure can be frustrating from our end of it at times can't it? I love you a lot.

Anonymous said...

O mi querida amiga, la verdad no me imagino como os sentis, pero espero que estes mejor.
Nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde, talvez ellos solo nesecitan sentir que pierden algo para luego volver.

jula said...

Beth, you're a huge blessing to those guys, I'm sure.
yea, it's sad that maybe they seem like they've given up, and maybe some of them actually have, but atleast when they do take the time to stop and look back the effort that ya'll put into being there will stand out.
thanks for loving them all so much. even though I dont' live down there, I love the people a whole lot too.
Keep on Keepin' on.
from Julia