Saturday, July 22, 2006

i think it is so easy to find that place inside ourselves where we are focused on ourselves, and so hard to leave it. life is not goal oriented, you don't have to save every breath, every jot of energy for the never ending hike, you can play around a bit more. other people come into focus when survival isn't on the line. and then things crash.

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Kent said...


This post keeps tugging at my mind.
I am just coming to the end of an entire month of "vacation". Each time I pray or think about it, I wonder if I am taking "time for me", "time for family", "time for perspective". I also wonder how God can use my resting, touring, and socializing to his glory.

The way it relates to the post is that I can't really figure out what I am doing or who I am focused on. But then, maybe I have just had enough time to realize that I never do know.

I thank God for his love and grace.