Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i can't wait 'til we are older and free of our immaturities, but i guess i will never be rid of my delusions and paranoias it was my dad's birthday this weekend, which meant eating out (twice) so i am probably more well fed right now that i have been in a while...more vitamins and stuff. it really helps the thinking process...when people ask me what i do these days, i say "i think alot...and then i do stuff and talk to people to give me more material to think about"...i also get dreams, apparently, because last night i dreamt pam wouldn't let me go to the bathroom in the swiss chalet and so i grabbed her hair and wouldn't let go. i should stop thinking and start writing things more significant than blogs.


m.melissa.h said...

bethany never stop thinking...and rid of our immaturities...PHHH i dont think that's possible.
i hope you return from your volcano adventure safely!

Kent said...


By all means, do whatever you feel God leads you to do, but I have to tell you that I find your blog very, very significant.

aka Pamela's Dad