Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the dark side

are we to live for others? how much? not all, certainly, i'm sure we are entitled to at least a couple hours a day to ourselves...a nap or reading a book or spacing out in the hammock. living for others...it's too draining, too extreme, god save us from extreme. even small choices tell us how sinful we are. the smallest thing...just like stars are tiny twinkling windows in the sky into an eternity of light, every second of our thoughts are tiny dark holes in our veneers of righteousness, tiny dark peepholes into the rotten core.


Kent said...


I have been thinking a lot about small choices, small actions lately. I am realizing that they add up to decades of life. Only God can redeem the bad ones. Only God can enable the good ones. Only God knows for sure which is which.

I loved your post.

aka Pamela's Dad

jacquie said...
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luke said...

i thank you for your friendship.