Monday, April 09, 2007

My Way

In the spirit of taking jokes too far: "If you know the words, sing 'em, if you don't: shut up, it'll sound crap."


Anonymous said...

What the heck? I waited through that whole performance thinking that he was going to moon the audience at the end. Man, what a let down.

He's got a good voice, but I think Sinatra is still rolling in his grave.

Béthany said...

he he... sorry, no, he just cries.

i hate it when singers lower their microphone and you only hear the crowd singing parts of the song. i hate hate hate that.

Kent said...

Well, you got me too. I figured he was going to forget the words at some point. I did a lot of stuff my way at his age. I sure don't want to sing about it!