Saturday, March 31, 2007

My philosophy prof says I write using too many open ended questions, so I will end with this: The only way to keep our humanity is to retain our critical faculties.
(ring ring rrrrrring!!!)


katie said...

to be honest, I find open ended questions annoying myself, but in the right hands they can make a pretty good rhetorical device. However, they are rarely in the right hands. although I bet you can pull it off.
but everything in moderation!

katie said...

wow: but, however, although, but. I gross myself out sometimes

katie said...

haha, sadly enough, the position of Grand Vizier(hey, is that the one in the horse's boy?) could probably be arranged. I'm envisioning a cape and a scepter to go along with the position. And maybe some form of gilded leotards.

Jerry said...

Not a fan of the Socratic method, I guess then? (8-)


Timothy or Lillian said...

Hear.Hear. And very unquestioningly spoken to.

PS. it was Uncle Paul's birthday yesterday..but he'll pick up his emails later this week.
love mom

Kent said...

Open ended? :-)

I could just read part of your paper. It reads like something I would have written while in college. The good news is that I did manage to graduate!