Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gerald and Jennifer

Two people to pray for. Two young souls going through times of change and pressure that could shape them into hard rocks or spakly diamonds. 16 years here and a turning point already. too young to make such decisions. one of them wants to shed a family, the other wants to find a brotherhood in a bad place...desperate. the holidays creep up on us here in Ecuador with preogressively rising temperatures and crazier schedules. Campfires and dinners, weddings and puppets, drama's and special meetings...topped off with a country wide bonfire, trip to the beach and a plane ride. forgive me if writings peter out and become less informative. these is just too much, but i think about you as often as ever.

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Kent said...

Your friend's plight reminds me of the song title "Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places". It seems that the sin nature pushes us to do exactly that. There is so much love to be had in the right places. It makes me sad to think how often all of us fail in this and how really terribly some fail.