Friday, March 03, 2006

notice of absence

Hello, my dear friends. I have found a spare moment to post! Last weekend was carnaval long was over by ash wednesday, but anyone who left their home was in danger of being soaked by water, pelted with eggs, covered in flour, painted with soy sauce and achiote mixtures or more kinder, chemical versions....among other tortures. Who am I kidding, carnaval is the funnest time of the year. I escaped the city craziness by being at the beach construction site, but since a few of my friends were there, too, the spirit of carnaval definitely wasn't lost on us. Many soakings and dirt slingings and paint surprises... On Monday I'm going back to the beach, for camp this time...something i have been looking forward to since last March, however my anticipation is soiled by the fact that I will be teaching three childrens, pretty much the same ill feeling i had leading up to 10 day outreach last year, and at pretty much the same time of the year. I'm nervous. Don't expect to hear much from me. I'll be needing your emails and thoughts and prayers, though, by the end of the next three weeks i hope to be dead tired. ------------------------ my life will not go to waste as long as i manage to love somebody unconditionally, write something coherent and honest, create something pure, and through all this, get closer to a God who lives. ------------------------


Miss Courtnay said...

hugs and kisses

Polythene Pam said...

Is that a Donald Miller quote? I think I'll e-mail you soon. love you.

Kent said...


I grew up with "Mardi Gras" in New Orleans. Many fond memories, despite the inevitable bad stuff that comes with a party attended by 1 million people, many of whom are drunk.

I love the quote.

aka Pamela's dad