Sunday, March 26, 2006

i am on the other side of camp, and things look much emptier. the second week was the best for me, at church this morning i saw the gang guys who recieved Christ were there again. it makes me grin every time i see them, all cleaned up, in their best clothes, trying to find Romans in their little New Testaments they are only just getting the hang of. the third week i got to talk to some of the older gang or ex-gang members, the more respected hoods of was a worthwhile week for me because of that. i got to know them better. none of them made radical promises to change their lives, like the guys in the first group, but i see small things in them that make me love them, and encourage me. i also acquired an obsessive admirer. he wrote a song about me and everything. he's really self-absorbed and i think is surprised by the fact that i don't want anything to do with him. i think its at first sight i don't believe in, but for someone to like ME at first sight is just bizarre, because it was at camp, where i use the same clothing pretty much everyday and play rough games and don't brush my hair and all sorts of stuff. my dad has hepatitis A. it means alot of rest. it means alot of slow down. it's scary, to see my dad, THE MAN, so helpless and out of things, by doctors orders...but God knows. maybe it will help him switch focus in his life...ministry wise. the internet says you need 4 weeks of bedrest and then 4 months of taking it easy.


jacquie said...

i miss you also. i think of you often. i like reading of your life.

Polythene Pam said...

Camp sounds good. You do amazing work. I'm in the process of writing my support letter. Sorry to hear about your dad, I'll be praying for him.