Monday, November 24, 2008

I think I am here because I need to remind myself that I am a writer, that I can use this tool of creation for my own enjoyment, instead of just to fulfill the requirements of a class assignment, or to get published in a paper. I was looking at some of the stuff I wrote last summer, before I started journalism school, and I really liked it. I wonder if I will ever have such clear headed, expressive prose again? I guess I feel a similar fondness for my essay about violent movies and military non-fiction, which was a more recent thing. As much as I like writing, call myself a writer, feel most comfortable writing, there are very few instances that I can pin point where I have written something that I liked. That might be a matter of bad memory, but most likely a matter of being sucky, and yet persevering. Journaling is what most satisfies me. Any other format seems forced, but is that a bad thing? Is that not to be expected, for someone who has been journaling and writing letters consistently for years? I feel like feedback I get on writing I do that I don't particularly like is not necessary negative, nor more positive than the feedback I get for the journaling I myself like best. But yesterday, somebody read an anonymous ad that I posted on Kijiji and called me up, asking if I had posted that ad. She recognized my style of writing, she said. That, even, was an encouragement to me. But it was puzzling. I wanted to ask: My style of writing? What is that, exactly? Can you explain it to me? I would really like to know.

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luke said...

well, it's a more a feeling than a thought. and to me, feelings don't have words.