Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guess what time of year it is: Kaley Kennedy is homeworked. Courtnay Clair Sedgwick has a killer headache and is trying to learn. Angela Horn is definitely freaking out. Too much to do :S . Katheryn Horne is tired! Bedtime! Anna Stewart head it tends to stray away, sometimes I can't see clear. Katheryn Horne wishes she had time for life. Becky Tulloch is workin on theology..again.. Lexie Arnott is getting her head on straight!

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farfromhome said...

hahaha. Oh Bethany :). And how are you? I only have two exams left, so now that I feel less pressure I have moved onto procrastinating....well, until the pressure is sufficient to spur me into torturing my mind with studying again of course.