Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The World on Wednesday

Maybe it is my fault for not paying close enough attention, but don't you think this possibility should have been wider publicized, just in case?
I feel like I was cheated out of my right to walk around yesterday charged with sentimentality, with a newfound appreciation for the smallest leaf, the simplest scent of perfume in the air, the heat of another human being's body.  News casts should have popped up as a separate window in every website visited (nobody watches TV anymore, so the "Breaking News!" scenario probably wouldn't do much to spread the awareness). 
Ok, so it is Wednesday now, and we have survived. I just feel let down because I never knew I was in danger -- real danger. I'm kinda glad we all lived, Earth, because yesterday was NOT a worthy end-to-the-world. 
And what of those kooks that are butting in to your thoughts right now, and reminding you to live EVERY day as if it were your last! 
Well, they should have gone ahead and invented a big bang machine. Done something practical to spread their saccharine tripe.
Maybe all these Swiss scientists ARE the live-every-day kooks. What they are really after is imbuing the rest of the world with an impending feeling of doom, in hopes of radically energizing social and personal change. 
Thank you, Switzerland!


Mom said...

Ah yes PHYSICS at it's best! Einstein would have been in seventh heaven. And Stephen Hawking must be too. But everybody who is not a physicist likes to imagine they understand it a bit and jump to crazy conclusions. the black holes that might be formed (and most physicists would be thrilled if they were) are tiny, nothing strong enough to pull in a fly, let alone mass of the earth. It's similar to the fear that man will replace God because scientists can modify a tomato with genetic manipulation(20 years ago people really were afraid of this happening!) The only thing I feel bad about is that 10billion dollars is spent on it that could help to feed the hungry and cure the sick.

Kent said...

When I was a kid, the buzz was about giant mutant ants or mice and about total world destruction by a nuclear exchange. I lived through the "population bomb" that was guarranteed to go off in the 90's and create mass hysteria, also made it through few financial meltdowns like the savings and loan debacle, and the collaps of Enron along with rolling blackouts in California. I get somewhat scared by every one that comes along. Y2K had me genuinely worried, I even hoarded food. But the whole time I try to rember two things: 1. God is sovereign 2. The mortality rate for humans is %100. So why do I ever worry?