Thursday, May 29, 2008


I didn't burn water today, but I came pretty close: soy milk. In our favourite/only medium pot.

"Incinerated" Paul says. "It doesn't even exist anymore!" Paul says.

Yeah. I know! I'm the one who has been scraping the bottom of the damn thing for 15 minutes!

Things are a bit crazy figuring out things to take/buy/sell in preparation for moving. We have scavenged some wood to make a bookshelf out of, and have been riding the Kijiji hard looking for a circular saw, cordless phone, single bed, drill, french press and other accoutrements. Check out our new bike kart:

We will still build one, eventually, but it is important to be able to get groceries in the meantime.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Artson would like the judge and jury to note for the record that Mr. Artson was not in the house when Ms. Horne incinerated the soy milk.

Mr. Artson would like the jury to take this fact into account when evaluating this statement made by Ms. Horne: "Yeah. I know! I'm the only who has been scraping the bottom of the damn thing for 15 minutes."

Now, in making this statement the jury will note that Ms. Horne seems to be implying that Mr. Artson should be feeling guilty for not cleaning the pot, when in actuality Mr. Artson was not present for the incineration, nor was he in the building during this alleged 15 minutes of what was implied to have been a death by scrubbing.

Thank you.