Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today, I went to the dentist, and am only waiting for the freezing to dissolve to discover whether the trip's lingering effect was disaster or deliverance. One deep cavity, two baby ones, drilled out and dressed up in ceramic plastic. He said once I recovered feeling in my tooth that had the deepest cavity I might be in pain, in which case to call immediately and they would fit me in to the schedule. For what? I wanted to ask. More drilling? An extraction? A root canal? Yesterday, I signed for an $80 wisdom tooth consultation (a fancy x-ray and advice from a "professional" about which wise molars would get pulled when). I have three that need out (one which is urgent), and each tooth costs $250. Glory! I don't know if it is only dentists, but these medical examinations felt so dehumanizing. I didn't know what to ask, what to express. I almost cried in frustration at the dental surgery office yesterday, and it wasn't only the money. It just felt like something had been taken from me, in a sterile, officious way, and I was backward for wanting it back.


Timothy or Lillian said...

Sorry I forgot to send you forms or info on the insurance. Write again tomorrow and perhaps Mum can remind me at work to get the forms.
I really dislike going to the dentist, not because of the work they do but I, like you, always feel that I am being taken advantage of, that things cost way more than they really should and it is just because they now and I don't that they can get away with charging so much.
love Dad

kt said...

Sketchy. That sucks about the wisdom teeth. It was weird, but last time I kinda enjoyed going to the dentist,because it was so funny and awkward. And they injected this stuff into my gums that tasted like strawberry and made me talk all funny and Russian-like for most of the day afterwards.
(uy, el abuelo esta roncando como ferrocarril)

luke said...

i meant to comment on this earlier. anyway, i think it's great little read. i don't have dental insurance anymore so i can't go to the dentist. which is why i now brush my teeth three times a day. instead of the usual two.