Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Latest Photography

"Please Don't Pee!" - Bethany Horne, 2008.

"Anyone Could Mistake This For Affection" -Bethany Horne, 2008.

"Paul's Favourites" - Bethany Horne, 2008.

"The Only Way To Get Lyra To Stay Still" - Bethany Horne, 2008

Yes, I am procrastinating a little bit. But what can you do when you can't write? You can't write!


Mom said...

The rats look fine. But I'm worried. You look pale my girl!

m said...

I totally forgot it was April Fools Day. Did you remember? Did anyone pull any pranks on ya?

Elleah said...


Anonymous said...

pale? palida? porque eso fue lo que le dije a ivan cuando te vi ahorita, you are coming soon, i am excited

luke said...

but you can do other things. course.