Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A heavy rain last night. Finally, it was warm and I could let it soak through my shirt. I wanted one of those while I was here. And the rain pounded the roof as Janna, Paul and I scooched in for a cheese-soup-movie-night. The sacred event demands warm soup and rice, landing in an empty belly and warming a cool night, settling while a story unfolds in front of you. "Atonement" was a good choice for the evenings entertainment section. Today is Paul's last day. Weird, I know. Time is so capricious. We made it to the beach for three nights, and to the mountains for just as many. Peace and rest are natural responses to both environments, but we managed some adventures as well. I swear I didn't come back to Ecuador just for the food, but I sure enjoy it while I'm here: fresh fish and shrimp at the beach, great meals shared from friends kitchens, the expert vegetarian chefs in Banos, the risky adventures of street vendors. It's all good, and no food poisoning/water parasites/Hepatitis A symptoms have reared yet. On the intellectual front, I have finished True Crimes, a biography/anthology of Rodolfo Walsh, an Argentinian journalist and activist. Great gift, Clayton. I hope to write a more comprehensive piece about my thoughts on that shortly, maybe in May, after the 12th and before the 30th when we have to move. Or maybe in June, after the 1st and before the 24 when I start work.


katie said...

Rain!! Dude, I'm so jealous! I really hope I get rain when I'm down there.

Mom said...

Thanks for writing us all about it B.Mmmmm you made me hungry.
I miss seafood. Blueliner fish sticks is NOT SEAFOOD!!

Sorry I couldn't stay on longer last night. It keeps your Dad awake if I stay up late. He's in bed again now, so I'll get going there soon. Rough day for me and your Grandad. I think I'll start looking for apartments real soon. Must move forward somehow.

Timothy or Lillian said...

You will be waiting for news about journalism school...we all are.
Hope you have a good week with all our friends B.
love Dad