Sunday, December 17, 2006


campfire tonight, with the park guys. galo said he was going to help me build my New Years Eve old man afterwards (I'm going to make Pinochet, I think). No "lame parties" for ecuadorians on NYE...that's not what it is about. It is the biggest night of the year, and it is a community affair. Also, its the real spirit or renewal I like. Its the countdown, the "0"...then, breath again. The "continue!"... Also, some of the guys may come over to play Spoons before-hand. I hope I don't have to sing "Silent night" to the guards again, like yesterday...though it was funny. If you pray, pray for the campfire time...pray that God's purposes are made clear and that a few hearts are softened, that a few minds are made, that the food doesn't run out, and that I don't cry when I read the thing I wrote, or do anything equally dumb as that. The real point of it is to finish of the year with them, this year that has been such a rollercoaster for all of them...get back some contact, get some good fun times together...and it is a goodbye, too...for me, for my dad. closure would be the working title.


shinbone #4 said...

That does sound like a good thing... :D I pray it all goes well.
xx's mama G

Kent said...

I am praying as I am writing this. Goodbyes can hurt. Reunions are wonderful: Julia, Viggo, Pamela, Charles, and Samuel are all here with Barbara and I for Christmas!