Thursday, April 27, 2006

Huanchaco- Perú

Small beach town. I am amazed at how different the climate is here, only 15 hours south of Guayaquil. Its so much COLDER! Today is uncertain, however, yesterday we found a camping hotel in this little town with great restaurants, and slept in a tent with nothing but some reeds and a sheet protecting us from the ground below. I liked it better than the sleep before, though; the birds and rain and the sound of the waves made it worth it. We were the only english speaking guests on the campsite, though, everyone else spoke FRENCH. Tomorrow, I hope to be across the border again.


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Angela said...

What the?? haha. Bethany, I think your blog was just spammed! Weird. Cool Peru updates though. Been thinking lots about you. Love you. Miss you. As always :) Have a good rest of your trip, heh! :)

Polythene Pam said...

haha, yours was kind of an ironic blog for that particular spam to hit... considering you have one of the most exciting and interesting jobs of anyone I know.
Glad you're having fun and having adventures.

heidi said...


shinbone #4 said...

I'm so excited My daughter is getting to go to Peru this year to. Hahaha... It would have been so cool if we were there at the same time though. Are you sure you're not going to be there in August too? Wanna head back there? Hmmmm???
Still, I'd love to hear your adventures so email me when you get a chance okay?

brent potter said...

you're canadian so you know french.
dont be rediculous