Thursday, April 13, 2006

As if thinking in front of a computer screen wasn't hard enough, the cyber cafe where i connect has decided to hire a PENTECOSTAL employee...and he plays this music (i use the word "music" for lack of a better one, and because i assume that is what he considers it to be)...with the same WAILING, SCREAMING, CHANTING woman singing lead vocals on every song, and he plays this CD constantly, and he seems to always be on shift... i already feel like he looks down on me (one day, i was distracted and i gave him way too much money to pay for my bill, and he looked at me like "poor stupid foreigner, hasn't learnt how to count change yet")...if i ever asked him to turn of that infernal (blasphemy?) racket i think he would further look down on me for having no spiritual dimension. So i am forced to put up with this, indefinitely, in hopes that they fire his ass and/or he has a crisis of faith. Let us pray.

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