Saturday, February 11, 2006

i keep my money in my “All you need is love” tin canister i got my mom to buy me an ashtray i love you more the farther away you go from me i’ll love you longer the closer you are to me i listen to chopin when i’m home alone i used to drink water straight from the jug in the fridge when i was a kid the side, not the spout i am capable of feeling lonelier than i ever let on i like it when kids play with my hair i’m sorry for the times i’ve hurt you because i seem not to care i have to be strong. i have to seem brave. you’ve learnt by now that i always play with something in my hands when i talk, or listen. i get disappointed with people and never ever tell them sometimes when you look at me my brain does summersaults i never eat the last corner of a slice of bread i don’t make promises because i can’t keep them

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Anonymous said...

that's beautiful
i always imagine the sunshine down there. almost every day. -h