Friday, January 20, 2006

i got locked out of my house yesterday, i left the keys inside and closed one of those self-locking doors and then slapped my forehead because of the stupidity. i had to kill 8 hours before my roommate came home from the beach. at first that sounded like alot, but a friend appeared and i went on an errand with him, and we just ended up hanging out downtown all afternoon. i wanted to go to the rep cinema to pick up a schedule for the month, they didn't have any left, but the girl told us "Last Tango in Paris" was about to start, and it was a free show, hosted by some local film club. I didn't even know there was a local film club!! It was great. I love coincidences. I got home half an hour before Janna, got soaked in the warm rain, but I like rain. A neighbour lady took pity on me and invited me in to her house to wait. i might lose my keys more often.


Janice said...

i want your life. i like mine well enough, but i would give a lot to have shared a moment with you today bethany.

it just sounds so...lovely. getting caught in the rain, there was a beach involved...sounds like something i'm going to end up putting in a movie one day.

just thanks for this post, it really made my day. that's not a lie, it did.

m.melissa.h said...

bethany horne one day *no idea when....perhaps way way down the line* I will be in ecuador and I pray it will be with you.

brent potter said...

no but really, whats with the title? you konw, the one in another language.