Saturday, January 14, 2006

Contractual obligation post

So, I got an email, so I'm supposed to post something i guess. i'm still a little bitter over people who owe me emails, though. i know i owe people, too, so my bitterness is self-conscious. I was happy because Stephen Morris called me yesterday, it was a sucky connection so i called him today, but the surprise of being called was what made me happy, as much as catching up with him was good too. ALSO; HEIDI, I FRIKKIN GOT YOUR LETTER IS WAS THE BEST LETTER IVE EVER RECIEVED. i'll write back on paper. i will. and, as far as updates on my life go....oh, too much. I'll save it for the emails :)

1 comment:

mercy said...

i have noticed. in fact my hairbrush is my most precious possession. so i've had time to contemplate it.