Friday, July 22, 2005


i figured i would post a couple pictures, since today, i can. photo number one is eddison, the cutest kid in the world. i took this picture to send to the person who sponsors him through careforce international, but i dont think they will mind if i post it here, too. these sponsorship pictures are the reason i have my parents digital camera to play with...i have to take about 100 of, if you guys want to see anything in photo form on this medium, now is the time for requests. and...i can't figure out how to delete the double picture post. apologies.

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Polythene Pam said...

Aw - that is a GREAT sponsor picture. We used to sponsor this one kid and they would obviously just line um up against a wall to take the picture - like at the dmv or something - and he always looks like he was really mad or really sad... pretty much just a dark blank expression on his face. It made it less fun to sponsor him cuz we figured he was a pretty angry person. Plus they always sent a report card and he never could pass the dang 4th grade - which was probably because he had to miss school a lot to help around the village but no one ever mentioned anything about that so it just looked like he was kinda stupid.