Saturday, July 23, 2005

a blog entry from an email

i liked this paragraph in an email i wrote. i figured i'd post it on my blog so online people think i'm cool, too: an early morning bus ride to the doctors office. It is a pretty rough doctors office, which is understandable, since its in a pretty rough neighbourhood. I went there to pick up some blood test HIV test. Long story short, I need a certificate that says I am free of any communicable diseases, I need it to get a visa to allow me to stay in the country. So, continuing with my story, there are two nurses/receptionist at the front desk when I arrive. Nurse number one, slighty pudgy, I met her when she syringed blood from my arm yesterday. Nurse number two, with a really bad eyeliner job…I don't really know what she was going for…it was creepy though, she was new. I hope she believes that's why I was staring at her. Nurse number on recognizes me and starts rustling in the pile of test results for mine "Let's hope you don't have HIV!" she says. Nurse number two is very affronted by this lapse of logic: "Why would she have HIV?!" Now she directs her speech at me . I am mildly scared of her "How old are you, girl? " "19." "Oh. Are you single?" "Yes" "Have you ever had a molar removed?" "No…" Nurse Number Two is satisfied with that. "See, there's no way she could have HIV". Oh, of course, I think. I never thought of that. Nurse Number One finds my envelope in the pile, pulls it out and opens it (to satisfy her curiosity, I guess)…is satisfied by whatever she discovers in there, folds it back up and gives it to me. I know you must by on the edge of your seat by now. Well, I'm negative.Yay! Boy, was I ever relieved, if I were positive, it would have been so AWKWARD, eh?


Schrecky said...

Yay... I've found another. Hi Bethany!

Liana said...

chica bonita!! hey darlin, yes i got your letter [i cried like a baby], i am so glad i found you, and i'm dreadfully sorry that i'm not part of the popular online service. it's hard enough to figure out xanga [blog for dummies] so please just let me use the dumb-proof service and i'll just go read all my intelligent friend's blogs. so, here's a fact: I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!