Monday, December 21, 2009


If I wrote poetry, now would be the time. But I don't posses that power of simplification.
It's just the shortest day of the year, and I just said goodbye to Paul and Muddy for what could work out to be several months. Yes, I might see them in a week when I fly out of Toronto en route to Guayaquil. And, I may see them at the beginning of February, between flying in from Guayaquil and leaving again for Mexico. But, the little nucleus Paul and I have have had for the past couple years is gone.

We'll now communicate via email. We'll eat different meals from each other. We're out of arms reach.
I was going to invent a new website to hold the record of my adventures in Ecuador and Mexico, but I like this old one, so I will just change some things and step up my posting. This year, I have to figure out what kind of journalism I want to do in the immediate future. Not just what type of media to create, but what language to create it in, who to aim it at, and what style to adopt. There are a lot of options. Forgive me as I test them all out and subject you to the failures and successes.

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Anonymous said...

Let us be your guinea pigs! I'll be following along!

- Lucy S.