Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After weeks of seeing this link pop up on my friends Facebook accounts or MSN signatures, I actually checked it out, and it is brilliant! http://www.voteforenvironment.ca/ Not only does it contain a lot of useful information about the Canadian election today, but the interface is delightful to use. It integrates poll data, platform analysis, informed predictions, a message board, and interactive map, postal code look-up and more: and it is effortless to use. Effortless! I think this is what websites should work like. If you are voting in Canada today, I strongly suggest you check this site out FIRST. The idea behind it is to not split the anti-conservative vote. In my riding, I am perfectly justified in voting NDP, but in Ontario it is a tougher choice. So vote smart!


Chelsey said...

I thought that site was great too. I first heard of it when Naomi Klein mentioned it a couple weeks ago. It takes a very realistic and practical view of how you can make the most of your vote in this election. It's definitely worth checking out!

Timothy or Lillian said...

It is amazing how the environment is now no where in all the politic-talk. The economy has completely taken over and everyone has forgotten about the issue that, although may not be in-our-faces-urgent, is more important in the long term. Sad how quickly we can all get distracted.
love Dad

Mom said...

Looking at their numbers today, October 19, it is amazing how close they were on the NOT SMART option. apparently most Canadians did NOT vote smart. sigh.