Sunday, December 09, 2007

The process has begun


Timothy or Lillian said...

Who is it going to be?
Bush? Harper? Abdala? (I add him because for me he is a perennial choice) So many good options this year.

Béthany said...

He actually could be Bush, from the photo, but he is not: he is Iván Malo (remember him? Janna couldn't get too excited about the political grudges. This is one we could both enjoy)

Timothy or Lillian said...

Great idea! And yes, I can see a resemblance. Janna will enjoy burning the "old man" this year. That is funny.
love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim , como que Abdala? ok bethany this picture is better than the one you have in your sapanish blog, Ivan? jejej funny

Timothy or Lillian said...

Abdala o Daniel Lucas, me da igual.