Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a piece of a lesson

the cabin in the woods was a refreshing reminder that there exist places of beauty, even close enough to travel to for one night. you don't have to go too far to get away from yourself and see things new, so there are no excuses. you know there are no excuses, but its good to be refreshed. everything worked out perfectly and nature left some new impressions: the quiet of a forest at twilight, a secret you are spoiling, a story that has been unfolding quite contentedly without you, but lets you walk through and ruin its concentration. Very gracious, i thought.

night falls. Clear skies and a new moon make for a sheet of pinpoints of light that looks so fresh, you would guess how much they have traveled to get here. You get to see shreds of this fabric, because the silhouettes of the giant spruce trees cut into it, so it looks like you view it through a tunnel. just stand still for a change.

"i haven't seen stars like that since i was young and still believed you could wish on them and it would make a difference"

And the coyotes. Who are they? So wild and so close, in the middle of the night, to our box of a shelter, howling and yelping at each other. Fear is trumped by wonder.

Wonder was a big thing. It is unfashionable, to walk around in awe. I kept my cool, though. We were all pretty happy, so someone with their eyes open a little wider than the rest really wouldn't get noticed.

It is good to be learning still... to be amazed by nature and people and keep moving... to let that be a new part of you.


Polythene Pam said...

That looks like it was terrific. Remember when we stayed in a cabin in the trees? The trees were different but the wonder was certainly there - or at least it would have been a lot more if Jaun hadn't kept trampling all over it every 5 minutes.

Kent said...

Snow, woods, cabins: They have burned much deeper into my brain than most things do.

julia said...

:). loveeee Julia.

katie said...

you should make Paul have a blog