Wednesday, November 23, 2005

that is a big spider, in case you cant tell. im quite happy today. its such a process to upload jungle pictures. i just discovered that i can bring my laptop to the cyber cafe and hook it up to the internet, though, so that IS GOING to happen alot now...and then i can use hello! and picasa and those things to upload pictures. again, i am happy today. sometimes, when you leave too much of your happiness in the power of other people, you get screwed, but sometimes, you get happy. i am still learning not to give the power over my happiness away to mere humans, but this week, it turned out ok. god is teaching me today to ask for blessings...selfishly, desperately... the moon shot doesn't do justice to the original. heidi, are you really truly coming? am i allowed to get giddy and happy about it yet?


heidi t. said...

it is the highest thing on my list. all that stands in my way is money, but i have six months to save. happiness is a good thing to be selfish with.. i mean, i admire that you don't give it over to people easily. that is my weakness.

Polythene Pam said...

Heidi, when are you going if you manage it? I'm going too! (Lord willing). This is exciting.