Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kind of crazy

I am the kind of person who keeps as much stuff as I possibly can. I'm not a DSM V-disorder hoarder, but I do have a few good sized boxes filled with photos, old journals, letters and assorted memory aids which wouldn't make sense to anybody else.
Today, as I do from time to time, I went through some of this ... my "files" I guess you could call it.
I was looking for photos of Freddy Vinces, Jennifer Santos, Rebecca Montoya, Jose and Luis Velasco, Karla Endara, Erica Robles, Danny Pincay (perhaps) Lionel and Carlos (whose last names I forget all the time), Francisca Pincay and David Cobos. Why? Because December 20th is their last day in high school. And I remember when they were in kindergarten, little fighters: José distinguished himself from his twin by using more swear words. Running around in yellow, red and blue t-shirts two sizes too big, with a squirrel on the front. I remember their first day of high school, too: clean uniforms, tidy hair. Dad drove them there, all packed into his white van. He was proud. They were, too.
I was, too.