Thursday, August 05, 2010


Amazing sunset over the clouds tonight, flying home to Nova Scotia. Flying is more home than anywhere else, really. Getting places is more familiar than staying.
The last time I saw Northern Lights was in England. We all went for walks on the Loop around the castle that night. We’d finish the loop, come inside to tell others about the billowing sheets of lights draped all across the sky, then go back out for another look. The front hall that night was like an airport lounge, constant bustle, everybody going somewhere good, or waiting in line for a Styrofoam cup of hot chocolate.

Some things in Halifax change: the market moved, Mary's Place got expensive and less good, the bridge commission put more suicide barriers up, the fountain in the Commons is working. But mostly, the city stays the same and people change. And, because the backdrop of the city is so painfully static, the people playing their parts in it pop out all the more. I was walking Gordon this morning and I saw Simon on a skateboard. I was about to call out to him, to say hi and laugh together about how weird it is to see him on a skateboard, but then I just laughed at myself, instead. Walking a little dog, wearing the bright blue jacket I got at the G20, headphones stuck in my ears under my chopped-off hair, still in pajamas. Simon would have had more to laugh at, if he had noticed me, than I had looking at him.

And when I think about everything that has changed since I was last here, I try to laugh, too. 


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luke said...

they were green, right? the lights.

i like that picture, too. i like lots of sky pictures in fact.

Béthany said...

For some weird reason, I like photos with plane wings in them.

Green. And everything.

Elleah said...

Ah yes. The miracle of light dancing in the sky! :)