Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kind of crazy

I am the kind of person who keeps as much stuff as I possibly can. I'm not a DSM V-disorder hoarder, but I do have a few good sized boxes filled with photos, old journals, letters and assorted memory aids which wouldn't make sense to anybody else.
Today, as I do from time to time, I went through some of this ... my "files" I guess you could call it.
I was looking for photos of Freddy Vinces, Jennifer Santos, Rebecca Montoya, Jose and Luis Velasco, Karla Endara, Erica Robles, Danny Pincay (perhaps) Lionel and Carlos (whose last names I forget all the time), Francisca Pincay and David Cobos. Why? Because December 20th is their last day in high school. And I remember when they were in kindergarten, little fighters: José distinguished himself from his twin by using more swear words. Running around in yellow, red and blue t-shirts two sizes too big, with a squirrel on the front. I remember their first day of high school, too: clean uniforms, tidy hair. Dad drove them there, all packed into his white van. He was proud. They were, too.
I was, too.


Tim or Lil said...

That is a classic photo B...where did you get it from? Yes we were and are proud of them. They have come a long way- not all have made it but those that have know that something special has happened in their lives.
They have such wonderful memories of school and the care they received and the unconditional love and grace they experienced. Now I wonder what they will do with it...what kind of parents will they be, what kind of professionals will they become? Time will tell the story.

Tim or Lil said...

Leonel Villon. Carlos Lucas. I always thought little Leonel was the cutest most helpless little guy. He was. When his adopted mom passed away during our 2002 furlough it devastated his family. Nothing was ever the same after that. I wonder what he is up to now. Carlos. Now he's a little fighter. He doesn't get a lot of attention, but he seems to have backbone. he got his first job in Grade 7 I believe, selling filtered water. I do hope he is graduating!

farfromhome said...

Aw Bethany. Time seems to fly sometimes, eh? I like that you keep all these special memories.

Anonymous said...

Lovely memories, Beth. They're wonderful things, memories. Afton still treasures the green scarf you gave her when you visited, just because you gave it to her. She's a real family person. I too have many happy memories of you, young and older. I hope we'll get to see you again sometime soon to add to the collection! Love Kim x