Saturday, February 16, 2008

The rats are a full time job these days. Matilda (the new one) went from having the sweetest disposition of any, to developing an insatiable appetite for escape, and now she seems to have a taste for lesbian practices. 
I spent the whole morning trying to outsmart her, putting barriers in innovative places to try to limit her geographic area. To no avail. She spends all of her time looking for holes which she can squeeze through or enlarge, and she also has learnt how to jump. She jumps out of everything. She even jumps into roofs I put over her enclosures to stop her from jumping ... the thumps of her little head on the cardboard roof makes me feel so guilty, I remove it, but then I am back dealing with a little Houdini rat. 
Today I introduced her to the others. She was very, umm, taken by them. Lots of strange mounting and wrestling. Curious.
This is little Matilda:


Eva said...

she's still my favourite. Sex drive is good for your health... hehe.

katie said...

Awww, she's so cute! And you're SURE she's a girl?

Timothy or Lillian said...

Another rat! No wonder it is becoming a full time job, or is that a full-time obsession?
She/he/it is cute though.
love Dad

Mom said...

Yeah. Kuma use to try to mate with Campeon now and then .But Campeon sure would straighten him out. Of course, sometimes Kuma would try to mate onto some dog's head too. So...I don't know if we should take animal sexual behaviour all too seriously. AT least not Kuma's. And maybe not Matilde's.